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to your full personal & career potential through your unique energy blueprint

Rise up above the Rut: Uncover your Life's Purpose and forge a path of success & fulfilment through the very locks and keys that exist within you!



For individuals seeking to understand themselves more deeply, both in their personal lives and their career, and reconnect with their true purpose and potential.


For partners looking to understand themselves and their partners more deeply within their relationship.

corporate, business & TEAMS

For teams and leaders looking to understand themselves and team dynamics more deeply.

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Apart from my corporate career I am incredibly passionate about bringing change and transformation into the corporate world and people’s lives. Whilst in my corporate career I soon realised that I had a gift for guiding and developing individuals. After discovering my own Human Design I could answer so many of my own life’s questions and I soon realised how Human Design could help create change, transformation not only into the lives of individuals but also business and corporate teams.

BA.LLB majoring in law and psychology.
I have a corporate background in law (private equity & corporate administration)

Continuing Education
Human Design and Genius Coach

2/4 Projector (Cross of Service)