21 December 2020 – The New Earth is here to stay

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If you have this deep knowing that there is more to life, more than your 9-5, more to life than what society has been dictating, then that’s because there is. You came here to help create the New Earth.

The Old Earth explained

My dream was to become a successful lawyer, and I made my mark by getting into one of the top five law firms in South Africa. I envisioned happy days, lots of money, a nice car, a big house, a Louis Vuitton handbag and the perfect husband. I totally convinced myself that the long hours were worth it. I mean you were taught that to be successful you needed to work really long hours around the clock. But then one day something in me just shifted. I started to realize that the long hours were no longer worth all the f***ing stress, anxiety and to be honest that world started to look like it was more about who you knew than what you knew. It just didn’t seem to be fair game and then I started to realize that the world wasn’t a fair game.

I also started to realize that people were making double the amount of money and working half of the amount of time. It then dawned on me that this work hard, work long hours to be successful was bullsh*t. If you ask me that is the definition of modern day slavery. Working in private equity I started to learn that business was all profit driven. It was all about restructuring in ways that made a business model more profitable at the expense of others. This world started to look like the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

Not to mention all the drugs, sex, rock & roll, lavish yacht parties, pollution, litter, war, sex trafficking, corruption, poverty, food waste, child slavery and exploitation in the name of fashion – well the list can go on. You cannot tell me this sounds like a healthy world to me?

I started to realize that I was participating in this ignorant world. For someone with two degrees and qualified as a lawyer it no longer started to look like a smart decision to me. As I began to awaken I just saw how f****d up it all was. How as a human nation have we managed to drive earth into the ground?

Those who stand up for what is right get laughed at? Those who actually do the work, teachers, nurses, volunteer workers get paid peanuts?

And this is why the Grand Spiritual Awakening is here. It is here to shift humanity. It is here to wake us up one at a time.

What is taking place energetically?

The great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter taking place on 21 December 2020 marks the start of the New Earth.

Energetically this means that we are receiving a lot of high frequency light activations into our physical bodies, which is essentially helping us raise our vibrational frequency and therefore pull us into our awakening. This is why a lot of people are starting to feel the need to change their lives and careers but just don’t know how or what to do.

Many have already come into their full spiritual awakening, some are in the process of their awakening and others are still to come into their awakening. Each person’s timeline is different. One thing is for sure, each living being is receiving these light activation codes. Why? The truth is we have been destroying Mother Earth to the almost point of no return and now we are receiving Divine Intervention to assist with the ascension of Mother Earth and all the living beings on it.

Because the reality is, any awakened and conscious being would not live and exist in the way that humanity has for the last thousands of years.

The New Earth explained

We have been programmed to be programmed. We have been taught that God (Universe, Consciousness, Divine Intelligence… however you define it) is separate from us and that fear and lack are normal. We have been taught that life should be hard and tough.

But the reality is peace, joy, beauty and bliss is actually our natural state of consciousness. Prosperity and abundance is our birthright. No one in this world should ever have to go without. No one in this world should ever have to suffer.

But what keeps us stuck? Fear, control and manipulation keeps us stuck. Many systems have been put in place to control us. However, many humans are now coming into their awakening and realizing the truth vs the untruth. These control systems have been ingrained for thousands of years but we are now starting to break from the shackles.

As spiritual beings having a human experience we are starting to learn that we are made up of light/energy. Energy is made up of atoms and particles. These are projected into existence by means of the hologram universe that we live in. We are essentially balls of energy/light in a human body. This energy is in fact the very essence of God (Universe, Consciousness, Divine Intelligence… however you define it). We are in essence both the Creator and the Creation, which means that we are able to create and manifest our reality through thought and intentions.

In simple language, we are sovereign beings who are capable of free thought and are able to manifest our reality. However, we have lost our connection to Consciousness along the way. The Grand Awakening is here to bring us back into existence, remember who we really are as souls.

For those of you who this resonates with, this means that you are a light worker. You came here to assist with changing this world, what we now call the New Earth, creating Heaven on Earth again.

We have begun to believe that religion and spirituality are false. The truth is religion and spirituality have been so twisted by the people to control the people. The truth is God, Energy, Consciousness already exists within you – it is the God within you. You are not separate from it, that energy/light is a part of you.

What does the New Earth look like?

It should be our primary goal to create a New Earth from Peace, Freedom, Health, Love and Abundance for all. This New Earth is also the start of what is called the Golden age, which refers to a great period of happiness, prosperity and achievement not only for humanity individually but also Mother Earth as a whole.

It is important to live this new age out of the heart space and Consciousness and no longer from the ego. Living from the ego has caused nothing but destruction and an imbalance in society.

It is important that we start building this New Earth in unity and collaboration, making space for all.

We need to start thinking in new and creative ways – do we really need physical money? Do we all need to live in the city? There is so much land and space for us to live and thrive. How can we start new businesses to bring in new clean, wealth into this world?

We have been taught to fear the loss of our jobs because if we lose them we’ll never get another job again. We have been taught to fear our health. We have been so ingrained to live in fear that we can no longer see a bright future for ourselves. But this is not true – there is so much business opportunity in this world, we just have to start thinking out of the box.

We need to start co-creating and co-existing again. We are nothing more than pure Consciousness and this Consciousness is nothing more than love. and love is the essence of creation.

If this article resonates with you, please comment below on how you feel pulled to contribute to New Earth?

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