A Powerful Woman knows her Presence

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A powerful woman knows her presence. No more. No less. She knows that she doesn’t need to be more of who she is or less than who she is because she knows that she is whole & complete.

She knows that she does not need to chase because she attracts. Her presence is magnetic. She attracts like a magnet does.

She knows that she does not need to prove herself or her self-worth. She knows her innate presence and truth, which speaks for itself.

She has been hurt before. She knows what pain feels like. She knows that she has high walls but she knows that the right man will see through them. He will see her for who she is. And so she need not fear her wounds. She knows her wounds are her strength.

She knows she carries presence. She knows the energy she carries. She knows that she does not need not to chase. She knows that she attracts.

Most of all she knows that Truth carries Presence. She is Truth. She carries it in her heart and soul.

Lots of Love


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