Energy Update for May 2021

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Leading from April and into May there has been a lot of traumas and triggers coming to the surface for healing and clearing. For many this has been a chance to heal and yourself differently, this time with a lot more reflection and introspection as opposed to carrying it on your back as extra weight. This time the healing and clearing is here to make you feel lighter and lead you into the new energy of May. May is all about new energy and feeling a new sense of self.

Many of you carry deep pain and trauma from your childhood, this lifetime and past lifetimes as well as ancestral trauma (ancestral trauma is carried in your DNA, which is passed down from your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents) and you are here to break the cycle, and so of course these past pains, triggers and traumas are coming up for you to clear, because dear soul, this is what you agreed to do as part of your soul mission here on earth. You came here to break old patters and cycles so that new energy can be brought to earth. You are here to bring the new energy.

We have been conditioned to numb our pain and sweep it under the rug so that we can escape from dealing with our emotions and pain. However, this approach will no longer work. This way of dealing with our emotions is coming to an end because earth is ascending and humanity is undergoing an evolution of consciousness. We are entering the age of light.

So for a lot of people a number of traumas have been coming up in the last six weeks. These traumas can be deep pain, insecurity, low self-esteem, rejection, abandonment, lack of self-love and self-awareness.

As we are ascending it is part of the process for your past pains and triggers to come to the surface. These pains and traumas are not coming up to punish you but for you to heal an clear so that you can move forward, grow and elevate in your journey.

When you clear and heal yourself from the pain and trauma that you are carrying, you allow yourself to make space for new things in your life. It’s like when you need to spring clean your closet, you get rid of your old clothes so that you can make space for your new clothes. The same for healing, you need to clear yourself of the old pains and narratives that no longer serve you so that you can step into your new self.

This has been the season for healing and clearing so that you can make space for the new you! The old version of you will not fit into the future, nor is it meant to. You are being presented with the opportunity to heal and clear the old stories so that you can make space for the new.

And so May brings with her this renewed energy. It is not as dense and intense as April because it is allowing you to take a break so that you can find your feet in the new energy. May is paving the way for you to close old doors with a different perspective and open new doors with a renewed sense of energy and a renewed sense of self.

When you heal, you level up. You doing the inner healing work is you taking yourself to the next level!

Lots of love kindred souls


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