The Five Stages of Fear when you embark on anything new in life

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1 The Excitement Phase

Before the fear even sets in, there is something that pulls you into full motion to do something or act on something. Out of nowhere you have this fast pulling motion to start something new with your life or completely change your life. Maybe that’s quit your job and start your own business, travel the world and work remotely, adopt children or end a relationship.

Anything new is completely exhilarating at first because you feel that you are stepping into this new found freedom, a new you or a fresh beginning. Whatever this new is to you in life, it will always spark feelings of excitement and freedom, which gives you the confidence to believe that this new beginning will work out in your favor without a shadow of a doubt.

This strong pulling motion to do or start something new is your soul’s calling. It is your higher consciousness causing vibrational impulses within your body for you to tune into, take action and change direction.

2 The Fear Phase

But then the mind takes over because it is connected to how fear plays out in physical world. Fear starts to cause doubt in you. Let me tell you fear will come in at every angle, it will give you all the reasons as to why things will not work out.

You will naturally start to question, am I doing the right thing? Will my new business idea work? Will I make enough money? Will I be successful? Will I ever meet someone new? Will I manage? Will I be any good at it? Will people judge me? What will people think of me? Maybe this is such a silly idea? The next best thing fear has got you in a downward spiral. When fear is out of balance this will cause a crippling effect because your negative mind has been activated.

However, the mind is a survival tool. It allows us to think, deeply question and explore the ‘safety’ of doing something. The mind does not work like the heart does. The heart takes the plunge and does things without thinking but feeling. Simply, recognize that fear is a natural human reaction to whenever you start something new because your natural environment will be changing. You will be moving out of your comfort zone. The mind likes control. The mind has comfort in knowing that everything will be safe and sound. So, naturally we fear the unknown.

So yes, allow your mind to explore the self-doubt and fear but don’t get stuck there for too long.

3 The Fuck it Phase

When the pull to take this leap of faith is so magnetically strong, you will naturally progress from the fear phase into what I call “the fuck it phase”.

This is where your higher consciousness starts to pull you more into alignment with your truth and whereby your higher consciousness and mind reach harmonization. If your higher consciousness was not pulling you towards something needed for your own growth and evolution, then the pull would not be so strong. This is your higher consciousness identifying you with your passion, who you really are and what you really need to do to evolve as soul here on earth. Take the plunge and walk into it with absolute faith and certainty.

This is where you take your power back and declare to yourself that fear has no control over you. Say to yourself “I recognize and honor that fear is natural for me to feel. However, I choose to go above and beyond the fear and live in absolute faith. Faith that things will work out for me.”

4 The Faith Phase

This is where you step into your higher self and take your power back. This is the part where your higher consciousness will be saying to you there is no going back because it is there to support you all the way through. You know deep within that you are on the right path. Your ‘why’ will be so strong that any fear will be easily phased out by you.

You are a multi-dimensional being who chose to to experience life in a physical body and live a life of purpose. Your higher consciousness knows you better than you do and so believe me when I say it knows the way, you just have to tap in and tune in.

Your soul knew its mission before you even got to earth. So walk in absolute faith that your higher consciousness knows where it is leading you. Walk as if fear does not exist. If your soul knows where it’s going then trust that the Universe (God, Source…) will do everything and anything to align you with your path and purpose. You will meet all the right people and all the right opportunities will come up along the way. Things will work out!

5 The Moving Forward Phase

This is where you actually put your faith into motion. This is where you physically start to carry out your mission and purpose.

When you start, the energy you get from what you are doing will keep you moving forward, it will keep you going like gas keeps a vehicle going.

We no longer need to live in struggle. The belief system of things not working out no longer holds water because that timeline has collapsed. It forms part of the ‘old world’ and the old ways of thinking. You just need to choose to no longer give your power away to that belief system. We are now entering the ‘new world’ where struggle no longer needs to define our existence. All we need to do is keep the vision of a bright future, because the vision will keep giving you the energy to keep on writing your story without putting the pen down. I’m not saying it won’t be a challenge but the challenge exists only in so far as our mind keeps us trapped there.

We are multi-dimensional beings, able to tap into different streams of consciousness and we are therefore capable of creating our own reality because we have access to the consciousness of co-creation. We are literally able to create our own reality. My question to you is, which stream of consciousness are you going to hold?

All you need to do is say ‘yes’ and the universe will start to set things in motion for you as your higher consciousness starts to co-create with the universe.

So stop letting fear hold you back, start saying yes, keep moving forward and in time you will be flying high.

Just remember your frequency will attract everything.

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