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This article is inspired by David Icke, who is a phenomenal awakened man.

As humans we have been giving our power away to the man-made belief that “someone” or “something” is going to save us. This started with religion, where we have interpreted the Bible to believe that Jesus is coming back to save us. Jesus is not coming back to save us and I share more of my thoughts on this in my blog post The light already exists in each one of us.

Following this belief system, we have also started to put our belief into the notion that political leaders will save us whether this is Trump, Biden or whomever (it doesn’t matter). However, the reality is that no one is going to save us other than ourselves collectively.

By thinking that “someone” is going to save us what we are doing is giving our power away.

But slowly our power is starting to come back to us. How you may ask? We are starting to take our power back through our awakening and ascension in terms of which we are receiving more energy particles (also known as light particles, photonic particles or God particles). We are being awakened to our inner power.

When we realize our own Divine Power and how to harness it we learn that we don’t need rulers or saving by something or someone outside of ourselves because we have the capacity to save ourselves from within.

Unity Consciousness (Christ Consciousness) is here right now and it exists in each and every single one of us through the energy particles.

All I’m saying is that it is false to believe that someone else is going to save us because we can only save ourselves through consciousness and enlightenment. Only through Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness do we evolve and learn to come from a place of love, peace, compassion and beauty for all. It is from this place that we unite with each other, collaborate and co-create peace on earth once we have first received peace, love and light from within ourselves first.

Lots of Love


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