Happy Human Design New Year

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The Human Design New Year does not start until the Sun enters Gate 41 on 22 January 2022. The Human Design New Year always starts with the 41st gate, which is the creative and initiating genetic codon for humanity.

Before a new cycle starts, an old cycle must end. The weeks and days leading up to the 22nd, is all about releasing old patterns and cycles, which will no longer serve you or humanity in its evolution. 

Before humanity evolves, all changes need to take place on an individual level before it can be integrated into the collective. All you need is one person to inspire an entire crowd.

This period before the New Year is also super intense as it coincides with the Cancer Full Moon, which really has the ability to amplify all of those uncomfortable thought patterns and behaviors within ourselves. This gives you the opportunity to see what is highlighted in your life for you to release, bringing in change and transformation to your life.

Full Moons and Year Ends are great for releasing the old so that we can make space for the new. And gate 41 is all about bringing in the new!

Gate 41 is an initiating energy and helps us bring about new ideas or experiences into form. Gate 41 gives us the ability to use our imagination, inspiring us with the ideas that we need to create abundant opportunities in the world.

Our imagination fuels our emotional solar plexus, and when we feel good and in alignment we are able to attract wholesome and abundant opportunities into our life. When we feel unhappy and out of alignment, we deny our creative abilities and block ourselves from manifesting a wholesome life, in alignment with our truth.

The energy behind Gate 41 is all about using the imagination for inspiration and manifestation. Here are some great creative tips to help fuel your imagination and get on your manifestation abilities:

Vision Boards

Get creative and create a vision board on Pinterest or go old school and bring out the scissors and those old magazines!

Vision Board Prompts:

  • What does your dream job or career look like?
  • Where in the world do you see yourself living?
  • Who do you see yourself living with?
  • How do you feel fulfilling your dreams?
  • What new hobbies or skills are you learning?
  • Do you see yourself being more conscious?


Create a ceremonial space for yourself by, lighting some incense and a candle. Use some manifestation crystals (such as Citrine, Clear Quartz & Carnelian). Make some Cacao to activate the heart and creative flow to help you in your visualisation ceremony. When you light your candle call in your Spirit Guides for protection and for them to hold space for you. After all this a beautiful time of co-creation with the Divine. 

Ceremonial Prompts:

  • Visualise yourself walking up 10 steps, which lead up to a door
  • Before you open the door, pause & take a moment
  • Breath into your heart space and feel into your forever deserving future
  • Open the door to your new home, where are you living? Who are you living with? What does your home look like inside and outside of your windows? What are you doing? And how are you feeling?


If you struggle with visualising, then in the same Sacred Ceremony set out above, write and journal away your dreams and desires for 2022!

Journal Prompts:

  • I would like to develop a self-loving practice by doing …
  • I am worthy of …
  • I plan on finally doing that course or …
  • I would like to bring into existence …
  • I would like to travel to …
  • I would like the world to change by …
  • I deserve …
  • I would like to achieve … within the next 6 months …
  • I would like to change my life by doing …


Let 2022 be your year, and if you need some extra support, use these affirmations daily:

“I am the Creator of my own reality, with every thought I think, I know it is creating the reality I intend.”

“I am inspired. I have the ability to hold on to the vision of what I intend to bring into existence in my life.”

“My heart is pure and my vision is clear.”

Hold the vision, be patient and when the timing is correct, your ideas and vision will be brought into action.

Yours Sincerely

Bianca Bates – Spiritual Life Coach & Human Design Reader

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