Healing your Divine Feminine

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To the beautiful woman reading this, you are a Divine Goddess just waiting to be unleashed but sometimes you stop yourself from being the truest version of yourself because of your primal wounds.

What is the primal wound?

The primal wound is a deep trauma that was suffered in our childhood, teenage years, young adulthood and even in our adulthood. Primal wounds leave us with feelings of abandonment & rejection, worthlessness, isolated & alone, shame & guilt, fear, co-dependency and essentially in any state of lack or less than.

As a means of protection you go into survival mode, which means that your mind will do everything in its power to deflect or avoid such feelings.

How are primal wounds identified?

Primal wounds are identified through people and experiences, which act as mirrors to help show you what you have yet to identify and heal. Your wounds are mirrored back to you based on the fact that, what you do not heal you attract.

Healing the primal wound

For a long as you do not heal that part of you, you will continue to attract experiences which mirror back your primal wounds, however, each time dressed up in different clothes.

For as long as you do no heal your primal wound it will continue to show up in your life as low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, not feeling good enough, not feeling beautiful enough, feelings of exclusion and not fitting in this world, feelings that no one fights for you, feeling alone and separate from others, poor body image, abandoned and rejected and not worthy of love.

How to identify your primal wound

Primal wounds arise from lower vibrational frequencies which are identified in your three lower chakras which are 1) root chakra, 2) sacral chakra and 3) solar plexus chakra. The root chakra speaks to feelings of safety, security and stability in this world – do I feel safe within myself and with others? The sacral chakra speaks to sensuality, creativity and sexuality – am I able to express myself creatively and sexually? The solar plexus chakra speaks to the ego, self-worth and confidence – am I confident in my body and do I acknowledge my self-worth in all areas of my life?

Primal wounds affect one or all of those chakras which then always ties back to your heart chakra. When the heart chakra is blocked you block the flow of life force through you. The truth is when one chakra is blocked it affects all the others, which takes you out of balance and keeps you stuck in the lower vibrational frequencies (densities).

You attract where you are at, as mentioned earlier life is mirrored back to you and so for as long as you are stuck at lower vibrational frequencies you will continue to attract matching experiences – this can show up in toxic relationships, friendships and narcistic work colleagues and so on.

Healing the prinal wound

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for anything in life and the same with healing and identifying your primal wounds. Take the time to think through the life patterns you keep attracting over and over again and at the core of each experience you will soon be able to identify the same primal wound pattern. Take the time to reflect, think it out loud, write it out, it will come to you.

Healing can really take place on an energetic level and this is why I really encourage you to work with an energy healer, spiritual healer or the like. I worked with a healer for three years whom I still have as my mentor as I transition into my own role spiritual mentor and healer.

The reality is your primal wounds will never go away, however, when they do show up you will be able to recognize them as just that – a primal wound, which you need not identify with as your truth. You will be able to recognize it for what it is, and be able to neutrally observe the primal wound with no emotional attachment to it because you no longer identify those primal wounds with your identity.

Keep focusing on healing yourself, growing and developing personally and you will be amazed as how your life shifts! Keep doing the inner work, persevere on your healing journey & loving yourself and you will start to unleash the Divine Feminine within you!

As a Divine Goddess you are here for a purpose. Honor your divinity and truth!

Love & Light,


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