Human Design is a cutting-edge holistic personality assessment tool.

Bianca Bates, Human Design Coach and Consultant

As a certified Human Design Coach, I specialize in optimizing the full potential of individuals and teams. Through personalized guidance, I empower my clients to harness their unique design and achieve optimal performance in teams and fulfillment in their personal life.
Connecting you to your full personal & career potential through your unique human design blueprint
Bianca bates
Human Design Consultant

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I was in such a distraught place, I had done some therapy and tried many other strategies over the last two years, but it was Human Design that shifted it all for me.

Emelia Hewitt

Human Design has allowed me to love and accept myself, and show me which areas in my life I struggle with. Now I don’t need to continuously keep going outside of myself to fill those areas of my life up.

Sarah Klein

My reading allowed me to have more compassion, self love towards myself and it also helped give me direction to exactly where I need to be channeling my energy!


Leyla Grey