The light already exists in each one of us

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Each one of us is made made up of energy. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not human beings having a spiritual experience. Energy is light. We are made up of energy particles, which can also be referred to as light particles, photonic particles or God particles. The amount of light that we carry determines our level of consciousness.

During 2020 planet earth went through a major ascension also known as the Great Awakening where many people came into their spiritual awakening. Many started to wake up to the truth, which is that we are currently going through a human consciousness evolution. When the “end of the world” was predicted many thought that, that would be by way of the world disappearing or humans vanishing off of the earth but that has since turned out not to be the case. The end of the world is the end of the world as we know it – greed, power, corruption, slavery – hell on earth (also known as the third dimensional matrix).

We are now evolving from the the third dimensional matrix into the fifth dimensional matrix (love, compassion, unity, collaboration – peace on earth). This is the consciousness evolution.

How does the consciousness evolution occur? Following from 2020, we have been receiving a lot of light activation through open energy portals, solar flare flashes and light downloads. The more light we carry inside of us the higher in consciousness we evolve. This is what is known as Unity Consciousness or Christ Consciousness.

Jesus, himself is not coming back down to earth to save us because He is here right now through each and every single one of us. His Light, Energy is being activated in each one of us through the ascension process, the consciousness evolution.

It is up to us, the people to save ourselves, through our own awakening process which is known as Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness which is energy, and energy is consciousness.

And so I’m here to remind you not to give you power away, the Light of God, Jesus exists within you right here, right now through the energy particles that you carry. This very energy connects you to Source Consciousness.

You are one with God, Source, Consciousness in your very being because you are a Being of Light and you are here to shine your Light!

Lots of Love


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