Human Design for Small Businesses
Start Ups and Teams

What is Human Design, and why are businesses and startups using it? 

Human Design (using the 64 Keys Methodology) is a cutting edge holistic personality assessment tool rooted in science and quantum physics, which can be used for individual career, small business and team assessments.

Human Design (using the 64 Keys Methodology) offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to  providing individual personality insights as well as analyse the interaction dynamics between people through considering their energetic dispositions. It is a fantastic tool helping people to better understand themselves and creating team harmony and optimise team dynamics and the working environment.

For individual assessments, Human Design provides insights into individual strengths, talents, challenges, talent profile, cooperation style and style of leadership.

For small business and team assessments, Human Design is used to analyse team dynamics, identifying strengths, weaknesses, challenges, conflict potentials and advise on team creation and leadership.

Understanding the Human Design of team members can help enhance team synergy, team collaboration, and communication. It provides insights into team types and team dysfunctions, individual strengths, preferences, and working styles, helping to foster a more cohesive and effective team. Unfortunately, 90% of teams are dysfunctional, and by using the 64 Keys Methodology, we can help create functional teams.

Interesting fact: Human Design is also the only system that can put together teams beforehand that can guarantee success.

“When we better understand ourselves and those around us we can make not only a positive impact in our own lives but also in the lives of others.” - Bianca Bates

Team Types

What type of team are you working in?

Dream Team

Dream teams have the capacity to be self-led

Fun Team

Fun teams are hard to lead

Productive Team

The team works productively when required

Forced Team

The team cannot be managed longterm

Signs of functional teams

Functional teams exist when team work is greater than that of the individual

Team Spirit



Signs of dysfunctional teams

Dysfunction and negative team synergy arises when team performance is lower than individual performance

Quiet quitting

Team conflicts

No team spirit

companies are increasingly recognizing the potential advantages Human Design brings in optimizing team dynamics, enhancing leadership, and creating a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Benefits of human design for teams

Innovative Corporate Culture

Integrating Human Design into the corporate culture fosters a more innovative and inclusive environment. It encourages a mindset shift towards recognizing and valuing individual uniqueness.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

When employees feel seen and understood, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. Human Design provides a tool for recognizing and valuing the unique contributions of each team member.

Holistic Well-being Programs

Human Design considers not only professional but also personal aspects of an individual's life. Companies are exploring Human Design to inform holistic well-being programs that take into account both work and life dynamics.

benefits of human design for individuals

Improved Relationships

Enhance your interactions by understanding the designs of others and their communication styles fostering harmonious connections.

Personalised Insights

Uncover your innate strengths and potentials, aligning your career path for greater satisfaction and success

Empowered Decision Making

Harness the wisdom of your unique Decision Making Authority to confidently make choices that align with your true nature