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The good news is you already are the Divine Feminine, you just need to remember who she is and embrace her whole heartedly. Don’t hold back, undefine everything society has told her to be because she’s ready to be unleashed.

Step back into your power as the Divine Feminine that you are

Being a woman is powerful. Being a woman is soulful, sexual, sacred, compassionate, empathetic, energetic, kind, assertive, bold, brave, courageous and most of all LIMITLESS!

Unfortunately we have denied our feminine side for far too long now. She has been hiding for decades, and in fact thousands of years. As the feminine energy rises universally, this is your time to bring her out of hiding and know that she will be so supported by all of the energy that Mother Earth is. Mother Earth is ascending, and as she is rising so are you, dear beautiful one.

The truth is many circumstances have caused our masculine energy to override our feminine energy. Let’s unpack this a bit, and as we do, let us release all the past pain so that we can let Her Rise. Every single one of us has suffered from some sort of childhood trauma (commonly referred to as PTSD), and as such we have carried deep childhood wounds. We go into the world having the need to defend and protect ourselves like wolves.

We then had to prove our worth in society and prove ourselves to be well educated, which causes our ego to rise. Following this, we went on to find the next best high flying job. When we landed the job, we then mentally prepared ourselves to climb the corporate ladder because there was no other way up but straight to the top, which sadly made us competitive. As woman we no longer support each other but rather see each other as fierce competition.

And if you, like me, grew up in a third world country, that alone made you need to prove yourself to the world. A woman never has to prove her worth because she knows it already. It exists naturally without the need to prove herself to the world.

And then we get involved in toxic relationships and friendships, which chip away at your self-worth and self-confidence. We become insecure and build high walls to make sure no one ever gets in again.

All of this makes us hard, fierce, ego driven, competitive, power driven, perfectionists which as a result, we start to carry more masculine energy than feminine energy, which causes an imbalance in our energy system.

Beneath all of the layers, there is a beautiful woman with a beautiful magnetic energy waiting to be connected with the world. Once we learn to harness and embrace our feminine energy, we can then balance it well with our masculine side, to a pure perfect state of yin yang.

The world needs less ego, pride and power and more unconditional love, devotion and compassion.

Be love. Radiate compassion and understanding. Release all self-hate and judgment. But let not our love and compassion be mistaken for weakness because we are able to rise from the ashes and hold ourselves firmly in this world.

Beautiful soul, you too are sacred. Do not give your energy or power away to those who do not deserve it. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected or dishonored in any way. Protect your sacred energy space.

You have every right to exist in this world as much as the next person. No one is superior than you or less than you dear beautiful soul.

We can no longer change this world with hatred but only love. This is where the energy and power of a woman is incredibly important, because the conscious collective can only be shifted by love, to which the woman can embody with such power and grace. Dear beautiful soul, we are needed in this world. Our kindness, compassion and open-heartedness is very much needed.

So be you. You are beautiful. You are unique. Honor your divinity. Honor the Divine Goddess within you. She is needed more now than ever in this world.

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