The fall of the patriarchy & the rise of the Feminine

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2021 is the year designed for the feminine to rise. Why do I say this? Well for thousands of years women have been suppressed and still are. Women have been brutalized for speaking their minds and expressing their truth. In the last couple of decades women have had to conform to a patriarchal world (a man’s world) in order to be recognized and accepted as worthy and good enough. We have been living and existing in a patriarchal society for thousands of years. However, it is now time for the Divine Feminine to bring her gifts and truth into this world.

The world of patriarchy started at the beginning of mankind. How? Well God was personified as a man. This is a truth that needs to be corrected. God is not a man. God does not exist in isolation or alone. God, also known as Divine Consciousness comprises of male energy (Consciousness) and female energy (Divine). Divine Consciousness is energy and mankind was made in this image. A world built purely in patriarchy will collapse because it is not in the image of the design of life itself, which is that the divine masculine needs to co-exist alongside the divine feminine. It is now time for the Divine to bring the qualities that a woman brings into the world.

This shift started to take place in 2020 as the great awakening started to take place. The events of 2020 were all part of the Divine Plan in order for thousands of beings to come into their awakening. Many of us are starting to wake up to what has really been happening in world, the falsity and the mistruths – control, fear, manipulation & corruption by false leaders.

In the psychical form of our world and existence the Divine Consciousness can be explained as the Creator and the Creation. The Creator being the very life force, the essence, the existence, energy consciousness (what IS) can be referred to as the male energy. The Creation being mother earth, Gaia can be referred to as the female energy (what EXISTS). In order for human beings to exist we need air. By way of analogy we can refer to our physical body as the Creation and the air that we breather as the Creator, both need each other to exist, this is also referred to as co-existence.

Mother Earth (Gaia) was not happy with her children and the way her children were behaving on planet earth. In some shape or form the world had to come to a halt – there is just no way that humanity could carry on like this. As such Mother Earth has been ascending, rising from her deep sleep, much like the women in society. As Gaia is rising so are her divine feminine counterparts.

For thousands of years we have been led by old outdated patriarchal systems. These systems are never going to carry us into the future. Why? Because our future is changing, we are entering into a New Earth, one where lies, deception, corruption, abuse, war, slavery, hate-crimes, fear, manipulation and control will no longer hold water. This forms part of the old paradigm, what is also known as the third dimensional matrix. This is ego based patriarchy, which is crumbling. We can already see this taking place in the United States.

And so what will start to come into existence? The rise of the matriarchy, the feminine. This does not specifically mean woman per se, it is the rise of the feminine energy. As the ill masculine energy has been playing out in the ages, it is now time for the female energy to rise. It is time for collaboration, unity, compassion, sovereignty, divinity, truth, love, joy, freedom, abundance, purity, beauty, grace, self-acceptance and co-existence to start playing out in the world.

It is now time for the divine feminine to step into her truth, her authentic self and let the world know who she is and what she’s all about. I speak to this as the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

This is not a world of “each man to his own”, and we all have to “attend to our own survival” – absolutely not. This is a time for us human beings to unite and stand up for our rights, what is Divinely ours. As a mother looks after her children, this is the same energy that must be carried into the world.

It is time for women to rise and step into her full potential. Simply put – it is time for change in this world. Whether we like it or not it is already happening because Mother Earth (Gaia) is energetically rising and as she rises so are we. Gaia is counting on us to to help her raise her vibration because as we rise so is she. So use this time, opportunity and energetic portal to your fullest potential. Yes – step into the Divine that you are, embody your truth and bring your gifts into the world. It is time for the divine feminine to rise because as SHE rises so is the Divine Consciousness. As the Divine Feminine rises, we help correct the egoic world of patriarchy and correct it with loving truths of the divine matriarchy and both must co-exist in equal harmony.

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