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Finally break free from self sabotaging patterns - even if you've tried everything under the sun

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I’ve prepared this free report to help you begin the journey to deeper self knowledge, and to begin to rewrite your narrative, for a happier, healthier, freer you! Enjoy!


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It is such an honour to show up for you & share with you, your short reading, touching on some of the most important elements in understanding your energy type better.

Should you wish to dive deeper into better understanding yourself through Human Design & learning how to break self sabotaging behaviour patterns showing up in your chart, I invite you to book a full reading with me.

Much Love, Bianca

As someone who struggled for years with self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love, struggling to find my purpose & place in this world -

I understand the emptiness, anger, frustration, bitterness & disappointment that you’re feeling!

This life on earth is not an easy one! From childhood trauma to adult trauma and trying to love yourself, find yourself and understand your life purpose in between life’s challenges is hard! On some level of another we all experienced trauma and over and above that were trying to find the & become the fullest expressions of ourselves but we just don’t know how!

You might be asking yourself:
– how do I love myself more
– How do I accept myself
– How do I find my purpose
– How do I change careers in times of change
– How I do value myself
– How do I heal from burnout
– How do I put in better boundaries for myself

These are all relevant questions that you should be asking on your journey of life and if you weren’t the something would be wrong! All of these questions at wise when we don’t have the awareness of who we truly are and what it is we are here to do! Conditions plays a big role in this.

And this is where Human design comes in to save the day!